Our Story

Discover Kia has been apart of the Charlottetown community for 20 years and has since transformed from its humble beginnings selling a handful of vehicles each month to a full-service Dealership at its new location on 78 Allen Street. Since Discover Kia first opened its doors on Belvedere Avenue, to keep up with our fast growth Discover Kia has moved three locations over the past 20 years.

In October of 2020 Discover Kia moved into its new location on 78 Allen Street on the Action Corner. The new Dealership is now double the size of the previous location, featuring an outstanding open floor concept, EV charging station, large new showroom and first ever drive through service bay.

Discover Kia is proud to have created a family of employees of who many are still with the company today since our humble beginnings. As our GM says, “do onto others as you would have them do onto you”. We have been carrying on this motto for 20 years and believe that we truly are the “Dealership that treats you like family”.