Financing Department
John Peters

Don Gorman

Our Business Services office is here to help you arrange the proper financing for your brand new or certified pre-owned vehicle purchase. Regardless of your current, or past credit history, our experienced and industry savvy advisor Don Gorman takes tremendous pride in securing you the very best borrowing, financing and credit building solutions when the time arrives for your purchase.

Our team have built applications into this site to help make your approval process quick, secure and enjoyable. You can browse through our entire selection of new and pre-owned vehicles under the “Vehicle Showroom” tab. You can then click the “Financing” button from any page on our site and proceed to the “Credit Application” link.

Discover KIA does more than just get you approved and behind the wheel of your new vehicle. We specialize in building and re-building your credit rating, and offering second to none customer service. After all, why finance your past when you can finance your future instead? Feel free to contact us anytime (902) 894-4069, through our email links on this page or anytime in person at 600 North River Road in Charlottetown. And don’t forget to ask our ‘Buy Here Pay Here’ program!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

We do more than just get you approved...we help you improve your credit rating for the future!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or telephone.

What Your Bank Won't Tell you

Here at Discover Kia we deal with every bank, including yours.
  • We deal with them all because banks are not the same when it comes to lending criteria and rates.
  • This is true regardless of your credit circumstances; excellent or with blemishes.
  • Since we do this multiple times every day, we know which bank is best suited to your lending needs for the vehicle you wish to purchase.
  • That is all that our Financial Services Managers do.
  • When banks compete you win.

Top Six Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Your Line of Credit To Pay for a Vehicle

1. Interest rates fluctuate with prime which can result in variable payments
  • Unknown interest and unknown terms
2. Lines of credit are designed for emergencies and investment opportunities
  • Don't get caught without a backup plan
3. Many lines of credit are secured by your home; credit providers consider this a second mortgage
  • Default of payment for any reason allows the bank to repossess your home
4. Lines of credit were designed as interest only loans
  • Interest only payments result in long term liabilities without assets
5. Your credit line is a demand note
  • Your bank has the right to demand payment in full, at their discretion, at any time, with or without cause. if you do not have the cash to pay off your line they will use their "Right to Offset"
6. Our full service finance team represents all major banks and can negotiate the best terms and conditions on your behalf
  • Fixed term open loans save you money and allow you to trade sooner